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4H Achievement Banquet 2021

by Logan Vaughan

Aug. 21 marked the 2021 annual 4H Achievement Banquet. Below listed are awards given to 4H club members from the 2020-2021 year. 

State and District Juniors & Project

  • Cheisa Weatherford (Goat)
  • Kayson Logan (Poultry)
  • Jaycee Logan (Poultry)
  • Georgia Glenn (Goat)
  • Samantha Smith (Poultry)
  • William Ebel (Goat)
  • Landri McCoy (Goat)

State and District Intermediates & Project

  • Kaden Mabe (Dairy, swine)
  • Alaina Johnson (Goat)
  • Adrian Don Juan (Poultry)
  • Cameron Endsley (Poultry)
  • Blaine Allen (Foods, food show, 3rd place district)
  • Diego Childs (Foods, food show, 7th place district, 1st place Share-the-Fun poetry)

State and District Seniors & Project

  • Kate Monk (Goat)
  • Karrigan McQuay (Poultry)
  • Parriss Pickett (Goat)
  • Ethan George (Beef, horticulture, poultry, food & nutrition)
  • Savannah Allen (Texas 4H Roundup Ag Skillathon, livestock)
  • Rylie Carroll (Foods, fashion & interior design, 1st place food show, 1st place fashion show, 4th place public speaking, 3rd place district overall, 5th place state overall, 9th place consumer decision-po;0-[making, Ultra Leadership Lab, Healthy Texas Youth Ambassador)

Further recognitions:

  • Diego Childs- Clover star award, food & nutrition record book (6th place district)
  • Lena Reyes- Clover star award, outstanding intermediate, fashion & interior design record book (3rd place district)
  • Rylie Carroll- Gold star award, consumer education record book (1st place district, 1st place state)
  • Kaden Mabe- Clover star award, outstanding intermedia, swine record book
  • Savannah Allen- Janie Crump Memorial 4H Scholarship, Texas 4H Opportunities Scholarship
  • Jorja Bessonett- Janie Crump Memorial 4H Scholarship, Texas 4H Opportunities Scholarship
  • Stephanie Stewart- Supporter of the year 

Speaker Sgt. Maj. Patrick Johnson, of Marshall, was the evening’s speaker. Johnson served in the US Air Force from 1983-1992 as a security specialist in England and Belgium. From 1995-1998, he worked as a drill instructor for Smith County Juvenile Services in Tyler. He has served as the community resources director for the Kilgore Crisis Center, the suspension director for Longview High School, and is a Chaplain for the Marshall Police Department.

Johnson preached his gospel, “helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders,” to the gathered audience. Johnson urged the crowd to let the Lord help them reach the youth in their lives. 



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