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Three Things You Can Do To Support Your Cesarean Scar by Dr. Hailey Jackson

Three Things You Can Do To Support Your Cesarean Scar by Dr. Hailey Jackson
  • PublishedMarch 21, 2024

Did you know pelvic floor PT is not only beneficial post vaginal birth, but also post cesarean birth? 


That’s right! It’s a major abdominal surgery, and should be rehabbed as such. During this surgery, there are seven layers of tissue cut through or separated. Consequently, scar tissue forms after this, and can be irritating to nerves in the abdomen causing abdominal nerve pain. Other common symptoms I see and treat post cesarean include pain with intercourse, constipation, and urinary urgency and frequency. 


So today, I’m recommending three things you can do to support your post cesarean healing. 


First, nutrition support for optimal wound healing including eating adequate protein, getting enough vitamin C, and making sure you’re hydrated. 


Second, pain management for your scar — TENS unit, sciatic nerve glides, and myofascial release. My favorite form of myofascial release is cupping on the abdomen, but it’s important to wait until the incision is healed. 


And lastly, I recommend topical vitamin E oil, scar sheets, scar mobility, and vibration all once the incision is healed for optimal wound healing. 


As previously stated, this is a major abdominal surgery and should be rehabbed as such. Things pelvic rehab can address post cesarean birth includes any pelvic floor related symptoms (urinary issues, bowel symptoms, and pain with intercourse), return to exercise, and return to intercourse. 


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