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Stirring the Pot by Dr. Juan Harrison

Stirring the Pot by Dr. Juan Harrison
  • PublishedDecember 13, 2023

Stirring The Pot 

I was born and raised in East Texas, lived up north on the Canadian border in the snow, and spent several years in Europe, Middle East, and in the Mediterranean region.  Growing up I came to understand and appreciate the concept of live and let live.  We valued our independence and the idea that we could pretty much do and be whatever we chose if we were willing to put out the effort.

I didn’t get the feeling in a lot of the places I’ve been that the rest of the world operated that way.  It seemed like there were limits and barriers in a lot of places where people seem to have given up a lot of their freedom in exchange for government support and subsequent control of their lives.

I’ve repeatedly said there ain’t no free money, whether you’re young and pretty and marrying for money or just old and worn out and taking a handout.  Most freebies have a string attached.  Once you get tangled up in those strings, you may find yourself in a mess.  Parts of our society have almost seen the head of the family disappear, being replaced by government support.  A lot of us might have had to have a helping hand a time or two, but the trick is to not get stuck there.  Seems like something happens to a person over time when they find themselves tied to some government program.  It seems like we trade away pieces of our soul for a guarantee of some kind of support.  People who have been able to break free of those shackles tell me it’s like regaining control of their lives as they take control and become responsible for their own existence.

The Bible says there will always be poor people. What I love about Texas is the feeling that we are free to live our individual lives. We can choose to work as much or as little as we want, depending on what standard of living we desire for our families.  Around the world, especially in our country, our seemingly limitless freedom to be whatever we aspire to be is attracting people from everywhere.  Even within our borders Americans are continually moving to places where they see better economic opportunities and freedom to be the best they can be in providing for their families.

For many people they are not just looking for better economic opportunities, but they seem to be seeking lives that are not so controlled or restricted by cities and state governments.  Here’s hoping that the pioneer spirit that helped build this country can be rekindled as people migrate away from places where they struggled to survive to find places where they can thrive, truly live, not just exist.  The more successful these folks are at reviving their lives and finding opportunities to reach their dreams, the rest of our country might reap the benefits of everyone contributing maximum effort, helping lift those around them just a little bit higher.  Sometimes you just have to stir the pot a bit to get the maximum flavor and good taste for all of us in this kettle we call America.

By Dr. Juan Harrison




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