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What Might Have Been by Dr. Juan Harrison

What Might Have Been by Dr. Juan Harrison
  • PublishedOctober 31, 2023

Rock and a Hard Place 

Most of us and our families thrive on routines.  God said it wasn’t good for man to live alone, so he created a helpmate.  In general men need a home to come to.  In general women need a partner to help make them feel secure, someone to trust and help share in fulfilling dreams and building a life together.  Men need the motivation that comes from providing for a family and having someone to provide for.

God designed it so it must be the best set up for the majority of mankind.  Marriage was created for mankind’s maximum benefit.  Divorce is proof that humans can mess up anything, even something as basic as a marriage relationship.  Then again notice how often people turn right around and start the whole mess all over again.

The structure and organization of the home was set up for the maximum safety and security of the humans’ daily lives.  Couples committed to one another and vowing to put the other partner first is a recipe for maximum happiness.  Old human nature and selfishness can totally wreck the entire system, hence divorce.  At the time of the Flood we’re told people were doing what seemed right in their own eyes.  The Bible says that there is a way that seems right to man but the end thereof is death, spiritually and literally.

Mama used to say that if I knew what was good for me I’d take my medicine.  The problem is mankind is almost too dumb to recognize what’s good for them.  All the pieces are in place for humans to have a happy, fulfilling life.  The problem is we think we know best or we tinker with it and mess it up.  Instead of peace and harmony in our marriages, we create chaos and unhappiness by substituting selfishness and demanding our own way, a sure recipe for killing a relationship.

Keep in mind that the whole thing was designed to help man and woman do God’s work here on Earth.  As with lots of well laid plans, this one got off the track from the beginning and has never gotten back to what He intended.  The benefits should have been security and fulfillment and self-actualization where we developed into the best versions of ourselves.

Looks like we’re gonna have to wait until Heaven to get to find our best self.  Until then I reckon we’re going to have to put up with mankind’s failings and shortcomings.  That silk purse we’re trying to make out of a sow’s ear is not likely to get any prettier.

By Dr. Juan Harrison




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