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Undefeated North Forney Falls to the Freshman Wildcats in a shut out

by Tyler Lennon

The Freshman Wildcat football team had their last game of the season Wednesday night in Forney. Soccer weather made an appearance for the football game, but that did not seem to slow the players down.  The defensive line held the line of scrimmage against North Forney and were instrumental in helping the Wildcats achieve a shut out.  

North Forney had possession of the ball first and kept making drives to the end zone. Close to the goal line, defense made a play, the ball comes out and Gage Williams recovered the ball.  Wildcats scored on a play action pass catching the north Forney defense off guard, Kaden Mitchell completed the pass for the first score of the game by Ty Bybee. The extra point was good, Wildcats 7-0. 

Fourth-and-goal for Forney, they ran it up the middle but could not make it into the end zone. The Wildcat defense held the line strong taking away the chance for North Forney to score.  The offense kept pushing the line forward and were rewarded.  A hand off to Malachi Clayton went 29 yards for the touchdown. The extra point kicked was good, 14-0 Wildcats.

The ball was kicked by the Cats and recovered by the Cats.  The ball bounced and North Forney stood and looked on in dismay as the kick off team recovered the ball, giving possesion back to the Wildcats. The Offense fought hard to cross the plane but did not connect before the end of the second quarter.  

Cristobal Torres kicked the first field goal of the year, which brought the score to 17-0 Sulphur Springs.  Another round of drives to bring the ball within field goal range by the Cats, and Torres made his second field goal of the year, 20-0 Wildcats.

Only minutes remained in the fourth quarter, and Wyatt Watson came out as quarterback.  A few  throws to move the line of scrimmage a bit, then in the last play of the game he carried the ball on a 55-yard run, into the end zone, 26-0 Wildcats.  The visitor side of the stadium went wild, for this amazing play at the end of the game.  What a great way to finish out the Freshman year.  By taking down an undefeated team in a shut out, these boys are going to be great to watch in the coming years.  

The freshman team ended their season at 6-4.  These boys played competed all season, and grew as players and students.  

By Allison Libby-Thesing

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