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Statement from Art Foster of Foster’s Place regarding temporary closing

by Logan Vaughan

Foster’s Place Restaurant/ Courtesy Foster’s Place

Dear Customers, 
I woke up Monday morning August 23rd 2021 and made a hard decision to closed Foster’s Place for the moment until further notice… this was a incredibly hard decision to make that I know impacts many people besides myself … this was not an easy decision but one that had to be made at this time… so I have decided to step back for awhile and focus on my mental, physical and emotional health for the moment . 
This is something that has to needed to happen for awhile and was not something I would ever thought would I would have to do but reality and stress happen and you can only ignore it for so long.. I love my customers, business and community and for over a decade I am extremely proud what has been accomplished here in Pickton and even though I did not grow up here I have spent almost half my life here now.  I have worked extremely hard for my business over the years to keep it a float and the last 2 years have been even more challenging than ever.  
My customers are like family and for this I feel like I have let people down… I would like to personally thank everyone that has reached out to me over the last day or so…. Without your support I do not think I would have made it this far…. I am extremely blessed in many ways…. I am thankful to be able to have a business in Pickton, TX and one that has paid my bills and made so many great memories in an industry that I love to do…. I am forever grateful for that.  
Even though it has done well there has been lots challenges in owning a mom and pop business and I know I have jokingly made comments about being married to a red building in Hwy 11 but I also believe that is one of the reasons I have been successful over the years.  I have willingly stepped up and never complained about it over the years, but at this time I need to step away for a bit. 
I know this seems selfish in an industry and job that you serve people and have to think of others. 
When we reopen there will changes in the restaurant and with me and the way I do things too…. I do not how long this will be, It may take a couple weeks or a couple of months. 
Thank you for your continued support of Foster’s Place!!!!
Sincerely, Art
By Art Foster

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