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G5 cattle brings luxurious Wagyu beef to NE Texas

by Logan Vaughan

When Sulphur Springs’ Marvin Garrett tried Wagyu beef for the first time, he says it was love at first bite.  G5 Cattle ranch, located in Sulphur Springs, is Garrett’s love letter to the Wagyu beef animal, and he’s determined to bring its superior flavor to Northeast Texas. Last week, G5 opened their retail meat market on I-30 in Sulphur Springs.

“Point blank, it’s the best beef on the planet,” Garrett said. “From a tenderness perspective, from a flavor perspective, from a richness perspective, it’s a completely different experience than any other beef cattle.” 

“I could go on and on, but it’s actually the best beef, without question,” he said. 

Some of what you may have heard about the bovine, native to Japan, are myths, Garrett said. For example, at G5 farms, Garrett and family don’t give the steers specialty beer or massage their muscles to make them extra tender for consumption. Much of the mythology surrounding Wagyu comes from the fact that in Japan, animals are kept indoors as grazing space is limited, Garrett notes. 

However, there are some Wagyu myths that are true, he said. It has a lower melting point, natural marbling, and is actually healthier as it’s higher in the “good kind” of fat and lower in the “bad kind” of fat. And, says Garrett, it’s plain delicious. 

“The first bite I took, that was it,” he said. 

Marvin Garrett with a Texas Wagyu steer/ Courtesy WagyuWorld

After working decades as an engineer, Garrett initially stumbled upon the Wagyu animal by accident. While searching for genetics to breed his Angus cows, he found the Wagyu and thought he’d give it a try. After selling the calves, he kept one steer for himself to have butchered, and thus began a love affair with all things Wagyu. 

Now, G5 hopes to bring Wagyu to the general public with their retail location. They also offer shipping for out-of-towners. Even though Garrett is officially retired, he said he couldn’t be happier to be opening a business. 

“What differentiates us is that everything we sell is born and raised at our place,” he said. “We don’t buy from anyone else, although we do sell to our competitors. Everything is also processed here locally, and we’re a family-run business.” 

Wife Becky Garrett helps out during calving season, nephew Tyler Manry is ranch manager, and daughters Dana Sloane and Tracy Van Sickle operate the wholesale and retail operations. 

“They’re all passionate about their roles, and luckily for me, I get to do whatever they tell me to do,” Garrett said. 

If you’ve never tried Wagyu, this is your chance to sample some of Texas’ finest, Garrett urged. 

“It’s elevated, that’s for certain,” he said. “I love every bit of it.” 

For more information, visit 3445 I-30 W Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., call 903-439-7741, or visit https://www.gfivecattle.com/

By Taylor Nye

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