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Gravity’s Pull by Dr. Juan Harrison

Gravity’s Pull by Dr. Juan Harrison
  • PublishedMarch 6, 2024

Gravity’s Pull 

As we age, it seems there are more things to fight with – new technology, rising prices, body changes.  The last one is a toughie.  The pull of gravity seems to grow stronger each day.  Nobody has to tell us as we look into the mirror that time has taken its toll on our bodies.  Even as we fight against our physical changes, our bodies seem to work doubly hard to retain those excess pounds we’ve picked up from midnight snacks and day-to-day stresses.  A few of our peers may have been successful at maintaining a lean physique, but unfortunately, most of us have just about accepted that we’re fighting a long fight with a short stick.

Ever notice how it seems like the pressures of life are constantly pushing down on us.  Sometimes we can have a short stretch of good fortune and the weight seems to temporarily come off our shoulders.  Some of you may have routinely experienced back aches, tense shoulders, or aching necks.  For others it’s migraines or upset tummies as life’s pressures seem determined to bury us.

Gravity is a good thing that keeps us from lifting off Earth’s surface to never be seen again with the naked eye.  In general, we tend to do better in life if we stay grounded and focused on matters at hand. We’ve heard of people so heavenly minded they were of no earthly good.  The challenge is to fight the good fight each day, acknowledging where our strength and blessings come from.

In the current challenging economic times prices seem only to go up as gas stations struggle to constantly change numbers on marquees.  The relentless attack on our billfolds and credit cards can grate on you.  Pressure mounts on us to make more choices now as options become more limited.

It helps to think that these are only short-term pressures, but we may wonder if this is the one to ultimately turn our world upside down.  For most Americans, we can only hang on financially for a set period of time.  Not much comfort that others are on board the Titanic with us.

I regularly remind my Sunday School class of mature folks that we need to be in a constant state of gratefulness and giving thanks for what we have been blessed with.  A majority of the world would give their eye teeth to have to put up with what we are doing.  Everything in life is relative to something else.  Here’s hoping things might get back closer to normal where our wallets can stop complaining about being squeezed so tightly.  They’re starting to look more like small tortillas.  That reminds me, I need some honey and butter to go with my order from Tejanos over in Cooper, Texas.

By Dr. Juan Harrison




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