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Forgiven by Dr. Juan Harrison

Forgiven by Dr. Juan Harrison
  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2024


There’s been much discussion about forgiveness of college student loan debt.  I think about all of us who worked extra to find the money to pay off the college loans in our household.  Some folks might get a little heartburn.  A person might find himself saying, “It’s not fair.”  Maybe you’re right, but take pride that you met your obligations without having to rely on other humans to pay it for you.

If we really took stock of our lives, we’d probably be surprised how many people on this earth we owe much to in our life’s journey.  We owe our parents for bringing us into the world.  Some of us may not have had much opportunity to be around a father very much, but love em or hate em, we wouldn’t be here without his help.

I’ve mentioned over the years the teachers who took a special interest in me and encouraged me to go on to college.  I think of all the men and women who played catch with me, took me fishing and hunting, took the time to be part of my life.  I thank all the men and women who gave me work in high school and college to help me reach my goals.

Today I look back and think about the girl I met at a Rangers baseball game shortly after I returned home from the war.  Approaching 30 I was tired of dating and wondered if maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  The shadow of my parent’s divorce still loomed over my shoulders as I knew I didn’t want that. 

As my sons arrived into the world I got the chance to redo what my father didn’t do.  I thank him for reminding me of the importance of a man’s influence on a child’s life and  for the do-over with my own sons.

There are too many people to mention to whom I’m indebted and have to believe that God let each one of them get a little gold star for their role in my life.  Everywhere I turned, every challenge I faced, some adult was there to fill the hole in my life.

Early in life I came to realize most importantly that I had a debt that couldn’t be paid.  I learned about Someone who forgave me for things only He could forgive.  Each morning when I rise I say, “Thank you” for another day You have given me to share with my wife, children, and grands.  I know I’ve done nothing to deserve this.  There’s nothing I can do to earn or pay back this indebtedness. It’s served me well as I approach my 80’s.  He knows how grateful I am for my debt forgiveness.  I can see Him now, stamp in hand, in the Book of Life: Forgiven.

By Dr. Juan Harrison




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