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Cravers Park In Sulphur Springs

Cravers Park In Sulphur Springs
  • PublishedMay 31, 2023



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Sometimes when you crave something you just have to make it happen on your own. That’s what the owner and founder of Cravers Park realized during Covid. The events, social time and giving back to the community that they loved and enjoyed in Galveston could be had in Sulphur Springs as well. A native of Sulphur Springs, moved back to help care for her mother a few years before Covid. She traveled frequently back and forth from Galveston to Sulphur Springs and found that once they were safe in Sulphur Springs there were still pieces missing from their life that they desired to have in their re-found home.

Cravers Park was born from this desire to educate, socialize and feed the community with more than just food. Cravers Park is more than just a community garden. As stated by guest Amanda Treadway, “the space cultivated a sense of community, and it was a night that reminded us of the beauty of genuine connections, community and being present in our lives.” The park was made with the intention of creating food, memories, and social engagement for the whole community. One of their first community fundraisers for Fruitful Harvest Food Pantry was held Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. A Texas paired wine tasting set in the garden space brought together community members on a beautiful early summer evening.

Fruitful Harvest aims to give back directly to community members who live in and around the garden area. By showing the youth and parents alike where the food is grown and picked, while allowing for education and healthy food options. Cravers Park is more than just a garden. Within the garden is featured a little giving library where patrons can swap and read stories during their time in the space. Every Tuesday starting on May 30 is “Summer Reading Hour.” Bring a book or grab one from the free library and pick a spot to read. Throughout the garden space are places to just sit and enjoy nature. A way for the community to come together and share without the daily stressors of the world as a reminder.

The whole evening was a great success. Community members made new connections and deepened those already created. A successful fundraiser for Fruitful Harvest food pantry, Emily Glass stated “the wine and food pairing was thoughtfully put together, special experience, made even better knowing it was benefitted an amazing cause.” We hope to see many of you in the garden in the following days.

Information/Pictures By- Allison Libby-Thesing 

Written By
Chloe Kopal

Chloe Kopal was born and raised in Sulphur Springs, Texas. She attended Sulphur Springs High School for 4 years and graduated in 2021. She was also a line member for the Blue Blazes Drill Team for 3 years. Chloe is the Digital Content Creator for Front Porch News. Her love for our community shows through her work. She is very passionate about photography and has been ever since the first time she picked up a camera many years ago.