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Structure fire takes mobile home near Como

by Taylor Nye

A structure fire burned through a mobile home near Como in the late hours of Sunday night, according to volunteer fire departments. 

At approximately 8:55 p.m. on Sept. 26, County VFDs Como, Arbala and Hopkins County were called to the scene of a fire on Highway 11 East near Como, according to a statement. 

Upon arrival, the stations discovered a mobile home on fire, the statement said. 

Firefighters searched the home and found there were no occupants inside, they noted. 

“The house was not occupied at the time of the fire,” Arbala station noted. 

The scene was cleared by 11:10 p.m., stations noted. 

The stations did not state if the mobile home was salvageable. 

Images courtesy Arbala VFD, Como VFD, Sherry Hill

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