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October 2 proclaimed as Beef Day in Hopkins County

by Taylor Nye

Dr. Mario Villarino discusses the importance of beef

The Hopkins County Commissioners Court discussed the importance of the beef industry to the county at their regular meeting on Sept. 27. 

“As you are aware, [beef] is one of the most important industries in our county,” AgriLife’s Dr. Mario Villarino presented to the court. “Our local farmers will be celebrating this weekend… with a ribeye dinner on the square. We will have plenty for people to learn about the importance of having beef industry here like we do in Hopkins County.” 

“We have more cows than we have people,” Newsom joked. Newsom urged listeners to participate in the Cattlemens’ Classic Ribeye Roundup on Oct. 2. 

For more information, call 903-438-2000 or visit http://www.texashnb.com



WHEREAS, The Hopkins County Commissioner’s Court is proud to recognize the men and woman dedicated to beef production in Hopkins County; and

WHEREAS, Hopkins County currently has more than 40,000 beef cows producing more than 32,000 calves with net revenue of more than $38.4 million dollars per year; 

WHEREAS, Feed companies, farm equipment dealers, livestock auctions, banks, insurance agents, real estate agents, county government contractors and employees of all above; 

WHEREAS, NETBIO is a non-profit organization comprised of independent cow-calf producers and agribusiness representatives working together to enhance the beef industry and the local economy by improving cattle genetics, management practices, enhanced production, and added value of their product and has marketed more than 400,000 preconditioned calves for a gross sales of more than $300 million dollars; 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Hopkins County Commissioner’s Court hereby designates October 2, 2021 as Hopkins County Beef Day.

By Taylor Nye

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