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Hopkins County COVID-19 Report for November 10th, 2020




Hopkins County Emergency Management announced fourteen new cases of COVID-19 and forty two recoveries in Hopkins County on Monday. 

There are now 107 active cases with 729 total reported cases in Hopkins County and 622 patients are listed as recovered, according to the county. 
Fourteen patients are hospitalized in the COVID-19 unit at CHRISTUS Mother Frances-Sulphur Springs.
The state dashboard is showing a total of forty four fatalities. 

Beginning yesterday, DSHS will be reporting antigen probables and recoveries. The state is not referring to these as positive cases but probable cases. This probable number only reflects Hopkins County residents and dates back to testing starting on June 23. The state is only reporting the antigen probables on Mondays.

State reported antigen probables since June 23rd:
556 cumulative probable cases
430 probable recoveries
126 probable active
As of 5pm Saturday, November 7, 2020, a total of 2,915 COVID tests have been performed at the testing center located at 128-A Jefferson Street.

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