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Como Mayor Darla Henry Resigns

Como Mayor Darla Henry Resigns
  • PublishedAugust 13, 2020

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Como Mayor Darla Henry has resigned and Mayor Pro-Tem Jerry Radney is now Mayor, with Austin Baxley filling in the empty spot.

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Former Mayor Darla Henry’s reasoning for submitting her resignation was posted on her personal Facebook page,  she stated:

“Last night was official- I did resign my position as Mayor. The reasons for my resignation:

1. After the tragic death of my Mom and her husband just a few months ago, I’ve been overwhelmed with emotions, dealing with the legal aspect of their death (it was caused by an intoxicated driver) and taking care of her things, along with driving back and forth to Lamar County for all court proceedings.

2. Their death brought a harsh reality that I didn’t have parents any longer and needed my church family/ extended family to help fill the gaps. Because I have been a part of a church in Greenville for several years, I knew moving to Greenville or Paris (where I have family) were my choices and the Lord chose Greenville.

3. There continues to be decisions in Como that need to be made- lots of decisions, but no longer living there makes it hard for me to make the best decisions because I no longer have a vested interest. The decisions that are made, right or wrong, will not directly affect me, therefore my opinions and voice should not count…thus it was the right thing to do to step aside and let the invested pick up and move forward

I was presented a beautiful plaque and glass trophy last night. I will miss my home, my friends, and the employees of Como.

I have prayed many of nights in City Hall and will continue to pray for Como.
God bless Como.”

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