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Sulphur Springs ISD School Board Meeting Briefs from April 20, 2020 Meeting



A regular meeting of the Sulphur Springs ISD school board was held on Monday,April 20, 2020 via Zoom.


No one requested to address the Board.


Robbin Vaughn, Board President, gave a required report on board member training credit. All members met the training requirements for this year.

Michael Lamb gave a brief update on the COVID-19 situation in re: to SSISD.

The following Head Start items were presented to the Board for informational purposes only: Head Start Director’s Report for March


Along with routine matters, the following were approved:

Quarterly Investment Report for the three months ended February 29, 2020.

Instructional Materials Allotment TEKS Certification Form for 2020-2021.

Custodial services contract with The Faulk Company for school years 2020-21 through 2022-2023.

Purchase of a heavy duty band equipment trailer from Clubhouse Trailer Company.

Educator Appraisal Waiver application to TEA.

Missed School Day Waiver application to TEA.




2020-2021 professional employment contracts (teachers, counselors, librarians, nurses)



Patricia Aulbaugh                    Grade 3 Teacher                                Lamar Primary

Troiana Hoffman                    Math Teacher                                     Middle School

Heather Fretwell                     English Teacher                                  High School

April Offutt                              SSPD Secretary                                 High School


New Personnel

Steven Toney                         Bilingual/ESL Coordinator                   Admin.

Jennifer Holt                           Speech Pathologist                             Special Services

Haley Papez                           Licensed Spec. in School Psych        Special Services

Monica Armstrong                  SpEd Self-Contained Teacher           Barbara Bush Primary

Kayla Bohannon                     Grade 3 Math Teacher                       Barbara Bush Primary

Morgan Mayers                      Instructional Aide                                Barbara Bush Primary

Kimberly Pace                                    SpEd Aide                                           Barbara Bush Primary

Alma Del Castillo                    Math Teacher                                     Middle School

Eric Jackson                           PE Teacher/Coach                             Middle School

Jennifer Bunch                       English Teacher                                  High School

Taylor Harden                         Math Teacher                                     High School

Cady Jackson                         English Teacher                                  High School

Kristopher Luce                       Theater Teacher                                 High School


Personnel Changes              New Position/Campus                     Former Position/Campus

Lesli Ray                                 Literacy Coach/Admin                                    Dyslexia Teacher/Bowie

Chandra Crawford                  Principal/Lamar                                   Academic Specialist/Lamar

Jamilyn Hunt                           Grade 2 ELAR Teacher/Lamar          English Teacher/SSMS

Kimberly Smith                       Grade 3 Math Teacher/Lamar            Grade 3 Teacher/Bowie

Amanda Walker                      Title I Aide/Travis                                SpEd Aide/Travis

Hannah Kirby                          Full-Time Strings/MS & HS                Part-Time String/MS & HS

Steven Moreno                       Grade 6 Math Teacher/SSMS           At Risk Aide/SSMS

Angela Grimes                        504 Coordinator/High School             Instructional Intv/SS Elem


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