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Tira News by Jan Vaughn for April 10th, 2020




            Tira resident, Judy Moore, director of Hopkins County Community Chest, and her son, Gene, lost their house to fire on Tuesday, April 7th. Their neighbor, Janie Lewis, reported that firefighters from Tira, North Hopkins, Sulphur Bluff, Dike, Klondike, Hopkins County, and Delta County fire departments came to fight the destructive fire.  She adds that a lot of other people stopped by to help and shared that the Salvation Army provided drinks. I spoke with Judy and she said the “firemen were awesome”. They were able to get her dogs out. She said the dogs are suffering from smoke inhalation and they are still “terrified”, but she is thankful that they survived. I asked her what the community could do and she said just continue to pray and love on them. Also, if anyone knows of a house for rent in Tira or the surrounding area, she would be interested in looking into a place to stay while she figures out the next steps.

            The Tira Community Center remains closed through the end of April. The closure could be extended if necessary.

            The Tira Food Pantry is still being stocked. Joyce Dodd reported receiving a monetary donation from Martha Payton and her brother, Von Honzell. Contributions are always needed and appreciated. I, also, want to express thanks to the council members who volunteer to fill the pantry on an ongoing basis.

            I haven’t heard of any activities in the community. I’m sure most of us are staying home. It’s been nice to have some sunny days, when we could sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.

            Joyce Dodd recently expressed her thankfulness for living in the country, where folks can get outside to walk and work in their yards and kids can play and ride their bikes. I agree that we are blessed to live in the great community of Tira.

            I always need and appreciate input from my friends to help keep me informed of news in our community. If you have any news pertaining to Tira residents, past or present, please contact me, Jan Vaughn, at 903-438-6688 or janvaughn73@gmail.com.

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