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Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office Arrests 4 Teenagers for Stealing Weapons and ATV While Skipping School




On Monday, December 2nd, at approximately 9:30am the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a stolen Polaris ATV that was taken Sunday night from their residence in the East Caney area. Sgt. Tanner Steward and Cpl. Todd Evans arrived in the East Caney area and began their investigation. During the investigation, Cpl. Evans heard numerous gunshots and located five male juveniles standing by a building and made contact. Sgt. Steward arrived on scene to assist. While Cpl. Evans spoke with the juveniles, he observed spent shell casings on the ground and inquired. Deputies located the three weapons and one of the juveniles advised they belonged to his grandparents. The weapons were checked and were not reported stolen and were secured. Cpl. Evans made contact with the parents during the investigation. Deputies contacted the Sulphur Springs Resource Officer and confirmed that three of the juveniles were truant and the deputies transported them back to school.


At approximately 4:30 p.m., the Hopkins County sheriff’s Office received another call of a burglary in the same area. The complainant advised that his residence had been gone through and three guns, a large knife, a black sword and a hatchet were missing. Deputies arrived on scene and during the investigation recalled the three guns they had seen earlier. Cpl. Evans continued his investigation at the scene and Sgt. Steward returned to the residence where the weapons were located earlier that day. The homeowner arrived to their residence and confirmed owning guns and Sgt. Steward confirmed that their guns were not the same from that morning. The homeowner denied owning or knowledge of said guns and they were no longer on the property. During Sgt. Steward’s investigation, one of the juveniles seen earlier that day, returned home. He later stated that he found the guns in a road ditch.

Chief Investigator Corley Weatherford was notified. During the investigation, the three guns, the large knife, the Polaris ATV and additional stolen property were recovered and later returned to their owners.

Four of the five male subjects were taken into custody and charged with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity. Two 17 year old males were transported to the Hopkins County jail and the two minors were transported to Greg County Juvenile Detention Center.

Press release from Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office.



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