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Container Gardening by Brenda Payne, A Hopkins County Master Gardener



Many times we think that we cannot garden because we don’t have a farm or a big yard but we can overcome this with a little ingenuity.  One of the ideas we can explore is making a raised garden.

Raised garden beds make gardening easier and more efficient, hence more and more people want to have these kinds of gardens. Raised garden beds also act as a great barrier for garden pests and insects. They are often simple and inexpensive to build and many can even be created from re-purposed or recycled parts.

Each property has it’s own space and restrictions so we can look around and choose the best idea that will work in our own area.  Here as some suggestions that may work in your yard.

Used tires can be spaced around the house or yard and can contain a variety of plants from flowers to vegetables.

Other items that can make containers are bricks or pavers, concrete blocks, wooden boards and even garage door panels.  These can be made into squares, rectangles, circles or just about any shape that will fit you space and imagination.  Making them U-shaped can increase accessibility and ease of care.

The main thing to do is to fill your containers with good potting mix, garden soil or other planting mixes.  Putting mulch around the plants will cut down on weeds and the planters should require less weeding and watering.





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