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PJC Students from Hopkins County Named to President’s and Dean’s List




Paris Junior College is pleased to announce that over 150 students were named to the President’s and Dean’s lists for academic achievement during the spring 2018 semester.

To be eligible for the President’s List, students must earn a 4.0 grade point average, (straight A’s) on a minimum of 15 semester hours. Those on the dean’s list must have a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average for at least 15 semester hours, and have no grade lower than a “C.” Both lists are compiled exclusive of developmental hours.

Students on the President’s List by their hometowns in Texas:
Brashear: Cody Sutton
Campbell: Jake Lueck, Anjella Yates
Como: Naul Rojas
Cooper: Sarah Antonis
Cumby: Lauren Hudson
Dike: Terri McCoy
Lone Oak: Stefani Barrow, Aaron Hendrix, Jennifer McCauley
Point: Hakeem Abdullah
Sulphur Spings: Matthew Fogus, Maria Gonzalez, Melanie Higgins,Joshua Newby, Angel Rocha, Lindsay St Clair

Students on the Dean’s List by their hometowns in Texas:
Campbell: Colton Cummings, Darrel Dix
Como: Gladys Pulgarin, Marlee Sheets
Cooper: Dana Lucas
Cumby: David Hebert, Demi Weatherford
Dike: Lexi Overly
Pickton: Magan Hernandez
Point: Rainey Burton, Sean Thomas
Powderly: Tyler Biard, Victoria Calixto, LaRon Colton, Nathan Vanderwilt, Andi Willis
Sulphur Bluff: Jaden Goldsmith
Sulphur Springs: Travis Caviness, Peyton Coke, Gideon Gregory, Kathleen Hays




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