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Jimmy Lucas Officially Files for Sulphur Springs City Council Place 2 and Announces Staff




Announcement from candidate for Sulphur Springs City Council Place 2, Jimmy Lucas:

Good morning,

Today, I would like to officially announce my candidacy for Sulphur Springs City Council Place 2.

Also, I’m happy to announce our campaign staff. I believe all of these team members share our goals and visions.

Campaign Manager: Laci Murray – Laci is very skilled in research and planning. She’s been a close friend of our family’s for a number of years and loves making her home in Sulphur Springs.

Treasurer: Karen Powers – Karen brings a number of skills to the team, having been involved in elections and those processes in the past. She is very organized and will also be acting as Public Relations and Marketing Manager for the campaign.

Voter Registration / “Get Out the Vote” Manager: Bam Jackson – Bam has been one of my most trusted and loyal friends for many years. His passion for his city, community, and for the success of our younger generations is unmatched.

Please welcome them and give them your support as they work on our common goals. Listed below are just a few:

1. Taking care of our past and future citizen’s needs. Are these citizens’ needs being met and what’s the city plans for them in the future?

2. Forming committees to help City Council form strong objective decisions on major votes. Are our citizens getting what they fully want from their government? We want to be transparent with citizens and have them fully aware of upcoming votes.

3. Police, Fire, Ambulance and emergency services. Obviously we support these services but are we really getting down to the bottom of the issues these departments are facing and listening to their needs? I want to have quarterly listening sessions with these services.

4. Taxation and the overall use of tax dollars.

5. Beautification of our forgotten public areas: Pacific Park and Lake Sulphur Springs come to mind.

6. Renter Grievances committee: Do they work for the greater good in like size cities? Keep in mind 50% of our population rents.

These are just a few of our focus items. We look forward to speaking directly to you and appreciate your support. Remember to vote May 5, 2018.






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