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Como-Pickton FFA March Press Release

Como-Pickton FFA March Press Release
  • PublishedMarch 8, 2017

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Como-Pickton FFA

March 3, 2017

Press Release

SkillsUSA District 5 Contest


Construction Trades Contests

Exhibiting a blue ribbon Gun Chest and advancing to State – Melvin Jackson and Dakota Payton

1st Place Construction Materials ID Contest – Dakota Payton and Jesus Gonzales

1st Place Construction Tool ID – Melvin Jackson


Welding Contests

1st Place Individual Welding contest – Tyler Osborne

7th Place Individual Welding contest – Daniel Glavan

4th Place Welding Fabrication Team – Robert Flewelling, Osvaldo Gutierrez, River Thomas


San Angelo Ag Mechanics

CP FFA exhibited five projects in the show.

Receiving a Red Ribbon – Farm Gate built by Osvaldo Gutierrez, Shawn Murray, and Brynden Andrews


Blue Ribbon Projects:

Smoker Trailer – Built by Robert Flewelling


Blue Ribbon and Placing in class Projects:

Electrical Livestock Equipment

  • 1st in Class – Portable Milking Parlor built by Breanna Bowen, River Thomas, Cameron Matthews, and Tristen Sickles

Cattle Handling Equipment

  • 2nd in Class – Cattle Squeeze Chute built by Robert Flewelling, Tyler Osborne, Heston Wilburn, and Denton Lawson

Specialty Hauling Trailers

  • 1st in Class – Specialty Equipment Hauling Trailer built by Daniel Galvan, Parker Cummings, and Melvin Jackson

SkillsUSA Group (l-r) : Jesus Gonzales, Melvin Jackson, Dakota Payton, Tyler Osborne, Osvaldo Gutierrez, River Thomas, Robert Flewelling, Daniel Galvan
SkillsUSA Tyler (center): Tyler Osborne, 1st place individual welding
SkillsUSA Materials (center & right): Dakota Payton and Jesus Gonzales
San Ang Smoker: Robert Flewelling
San Ang Parlor: (l-r) River Thomas, Breanna Bowen, Tristen Sickles Cameron Matthews
San Ang Trailer: (l-r) Daniel Galvan, Melvin Jackson
San Ang Gate:  Osvaldo Gutierrez
San Ang Chute: (l-r) Tyler Osborne, Heston Wilburn, Denton Lawson, Robert Flewelling
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