34 Youth Exhibitors Participate in 2019 Dairy Classic Show on Saturday

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The 2019 Dairy Classic Show at the Hopkins County Dairy Festival had 34 youth exhibitors with 17 making the sale this Thursday at Sulphur Springs Livestock and Dairy Auction.

Braden Lennon was named Champion, Elida Miller was named Reserve Champion, and Zia Miller was given the Showmanship award. All three are members of Hopkins County 4-H.

A complete list of exhibitors that made the sale is below. There will not be a regular sale at Sulphur Springs Livestock and Dairy Auction this Thursday so there’s plenty of room for everyone to come out. Cattle will be in place by 11am. Be there at noon for lunch sponsored by Dairy Max and the sale will begin at 1 pm.

Keep an eye on our page for Mandy Fiock Photography’s photos of the event later this week.







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