Producers Sell 5,555 Head of Pre-conditioned Cattle at the October Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization (NETBIO) Sale

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Producers sold 5,555 head of pre-conditioned cattle at the October Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization (NETBIO) sale held Wednesday at the Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission.

A total of 246 producers had cattle selling in the sale, and despite the rainy and cooler weather, a big crowd of buyers, sellers and visitors showed up for the sale.

“The weather was not good, and it is hard to keep the cattle looking good when it has rained on them for five days,” said David Fowler, co-owner of the livestock commission.

“We had a lot of good cattle consigned to the sale and they held up good despite the weather conditions,” Fowler added. “The market was steady overall.”

Some cattle were sold over the Internet, but co-owner and auctioneer Joe Don Pogue said,“there were numerous bids Online that didn’t win.”

Fowler added that there was not the usual strong activity on light cattle since weather conditions have slowed the progress of winter pastures where they would be shipped.

The NETBIO Pre-Conditioned Stocker and Feeder Calf Sale gives producers a market to offer their pre-conditioned calves and yearlings in load lot quantities. NETBIO holds six pre-conditioned calf sales per year, which is the marketing arm for members of the organization.

The next sale will be the 20th anniversary sale that will be held at the Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission on Wednesday, November 14. The consignment book hasbeen closed for some time on that sale.


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