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Announcement from Dr. Deana Steeber- Sulphur Springs ISD Trustees Call May Bond Election to Address School Facilities

Announcement from Dr. Deana Steeber- Sulphur Springs ISD Trustees Call May Bond Election to Address School Facilities
  • PublishedFebruary 13, 2024

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It’s always my goal to communicate updates with you and let you know how we are planning for your child’s future. Many of you may recall that a group of SSISD citizens came together this fall to study our facility conditions and develop a plan for our district. Representatives from that committee presented their recommendations to the school board in January, and tonight our school board acted on that recommendation and called a bond election for May 4. 

A copy of the full news release is below. The highlights include:

  • The bond proposal includes funds to construct two new elementary schools, purchase land for one school site, and renovate three campuses. 
    • This would impact more than 2,100 students and replace three of our oldest schools. 
  • The proposal would allow SSISD to align grades K-5 and move away from the current K-3 and 4-5 school model. 
  • The proposal would result in a ¼ of a penny increase to the tax rate, which equates to an increase of $1.47 per year for the average home value in SSISD. 

We have added information on our website at:

Thank you for taking time to learn more about the 2024 bond election, and I hope you make a plan to vote later this spring!


Deana Steeber, Ed.D.


Sulphur Springs ISD


At tonight’s school board meeting, Sulphur Springs ISD trustees voted unanimously to call a $157,150,000 bond election that will be on the May 4 ballot. Registered voters residing within the Sulphur Springs ISD boundaries will be asked to vote on a bond referendum that would generate funding to construct two new elementary schools, renovate three campuses, and purchase land for one of the new schools. This proposal is part of the district’s long-range vision to align grades K-5, update facilities, and replace schools once they are beyond their useful life.  

The projects in the May 2024 bond were recommended by the SSISD Bond Planning Committee following months of evaluation and prioritization. After hearing the Committee’s recommendation, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to call for this bond. 

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you to the Bond Planning Committee who brought forth a plan to address the spaces where our students and staff spend much of their day. It’s our hope that residents will take the time to learn more about the committee’s work and make an informed decision in May,” said Craig Roberts, President of the Board of Trustees. 

The Sulphur Springs ISD proposition includes:

  • New Elementary School #1 (K-5) 
    • This new school would replace Sulphur Springs Elementary School, currently grades 4-5.
  • New Elementary School #2 (K-5) 
    • This new school would be constructed on a new site and would be named Rowena Johnson Elementary.
  • Land Purchase 
    • SSISD would acquire land to construct the new Rowena Johnson Elementary.
  • Renovations to Bush
    • The campus renovations would include an addition; new playground; updates to floors, walls, ceilings, lighting; site accessibility improvements; and some new classroom furniture. 
    • The school would serve students in grades K-5 in the future.
  • Renovations to Douglass Early Childhood Learning Center
    • The campus renovations would include updates to floors, walls, ceilings, lighting; site accessibility improvements; brick and masonry repair; and the repair and/or replacement of exterior windows.  
    • The school would continue to serve early childhood students. 
  • Updates at Bowie 
    • The renovations include converting the building into offices and use by special programs staff, which could include updates to finishes such as flooring, painting, and lighting. 

“I am very proud of our community and how the citizens on the Bond Planning Committee came together to develop a plan for our future,” said Dr. Deana Steeber, superintendent of schools. “After studying our district goals, financial outlook, and some options to address conditions at buildings that are up to 70 years old, committee members brainstormed solutions and ultimately recommended the plan to build two new schools at this time. Their commitment to the process and to the future of our district was remarkable.” 

Dr. Steeber explains that this plan will allow SSISD to impact more than 2,100 students who are in grades PreK-5. “That’s about half of our student enrollment,” she said, “and it will create a K-5 elementary school configuration, reducing the number of transitions, which research supports is better for young students.”

The 2024 bond proposal also will allow the district to retire three schools that are 58, 65, and 70 years old. “These campuses have become more costly to maintain, we’ve had several instances of having to move students out of their classrooms and into other locations,” Dr. Steeber says. “I’m very grateful to community partners like Sulphur Springs First Baptist Church who have opened their doors when our schools were unusable, but we prefer for our students to be able to stay at their home campus in spaces designed for them. Our new schools would include safety features and modern classroom tools that are now standard.” 

Based on Taxable Assessed Values and paying off previous debt early, SSISD can issue the bonds with a ¼ penny increase per $100 of property valuation. For a home valued at $150,000 – and then subtracting the new $100,000 homestead exemption that Texas voters approved in November – this equates to an increase of $1.25 per year. A tax impact calculator is on the district website for homeowners to calculate the impact on their property taxes. 

Any Sulphur Springs ISD resident who is registered to vote may cast a ballot in this election. Voters will be asked to vote “for” or “against” the bond proposition. 

  • The deadline to register to vote in the May election is April 4. 
  • Early Voting will take place April 22 through April 30. 
  • Election Day is Saturday, May 4. 

Sulphur Springs ISD officials will schedule informational meetings to share details and answer questions.  As soon as those meetings are finalized, information will be shared through the district’s regular communication channels. In the meantime, residents are encouraged to visit for more information.


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