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The Perfect “Friendsgiving” by Addison Caddell

The Perfect “Friendsgiving” by Addison Caddell
  • PublishedNovember 13, 2023

Thanksgiving is in two weeks and now is the perfect time to celebrate with a group of friends. Friendsgiving has become an amazing tradition that incorporates all the amazing things that come with Thanksgiving but brings multiple family traditions to one table.

In order to host the perfect Friendsgiving, it is important to be organized. By making a sign-up sheet it makes it easy to see who is bringing what and what special dishes each friend wants to add to the meal. It is also important to have plenty of space for all your guests, as well as the essentials: plates, napkins, glasses, etc.

Whether it is a fancy gathering with formal invitations and fine china, or a small get-together with paper plates. For a fancy gathering, some good ideas include place settings and cloth napkins. Include wine or cocktails for guests and host at dinner time for a more formal feel.

For a more informal feel, sweatpants and paper plates are welcome. Fun plates, straws, and decorations can be found everywhere around this time. Have friends bring their own dishes and drinks to share and a great time to host would be during a football game.

Friends always find a way to have a good time together, and enjoying a Thanksgiving meal provides no shortage of opportunities for amazing memories during this holiday season. And Friendsgiving is the perfect excuse to enjoy all the yummy food to go along with Turkey Day twice. If you plan on hosting a Friendsgiving this year remember some stretchy pants and more importantly why you are thankful for the friends that you share it with.

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