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Sulphur Springs Prepares for Exciting Wave of New I-30 Businesses in Summer and Fall 2023

Sulphur Springs Prepares for Exciting Wave of New I-30 Businesses in Summer and Fall 2023
  • PublishedJuly 10, 2023

Sulphur Springs, Texas is about to welcome a wave of new establishments along Interstate 30 in the summer and fall of 2023. These businesses, including  Dutch Bros Coffee, Ladera RV Resort, CEFCO Convenience Stores, First National Bank of Texas, and McAlister’s Deli, have chosen Sulphur Springs as their destination due to its engaged local population and its role as the shipping corridor to the northeast.

Projection of Sulphur Springs Dutch Bros/ Dutch Bros inc

Dutch Bros: As a popular coffee chain, Dutch Bros has chosen Sulphur Springs to cater to the growing demand for specialty coffee in the area. The new location at Shannon Road and South Broadway between Chick-Fil-A and Panda Express will offer a prime location for both locals and travelers passing through the area. 

Ladera RV Resort: Located off I-30 behind Paris Junior College, Ladera RV resort will offer 48 acres of greenery and feature not only RV hookup sites, but also a playground, walking trails, a dog park, pool, community cocktail hour and a bass fishing pond. 


CEFCO: A well-known convenience store chain, CEFCO recognizes the potential of Sulphur Springs as a trucker-friendly destination. Positioned along I-30, CEFCO will cater to the needs of truckers and commuters passing through the area. While overnight parking will not be available, CEFCO’s presence will provide essential services and amenities to the thriving transportation sector of the city.

First National Bank of East Texas: A trusted financial institution, First National Bank of East Texas is set to support the local economy by offering comprehensive banking services to individuals and businesses. Located at Highway 19 and Wildcat way, this new addition will  reinforce Sulphur Springs’ reputation as a dynamic business hub.

McAlister’s Deli: A popular fast-casual restaurant chain, McAlister’s will be opening a location in Sulphur Springs at 205 East Shannon Road. This new restaurant will feature a digital-centric design, offering self-order kiosks, window-side pick-up for online and app orders, and delivery services. The restaurant’s focus on convenience and accessibility aligns with the fast-paced lifestyles of Sulphur Springs residents. The company said they plan to hire approximately 100 locals to work at the store. 

As these businesses make their way to Sulphur Springs, the city’s residents can look forward to a vibrant retail landscape, enhanced dining experiences, and increased employment opportunities.

They’re coming here because they want to be here and ultimately that’s the primary drive,” said City Manager Marc Maxwell. “Retailers are saying ‘we want to do business in your town.’” 

Sulphur Springs is especially well-positioned for new businesses along I-30 because according too Maxwell, not only do they have the potential of Hopkins county’s 39,000 residents as customers, they also have daily access to 30,000 people who pass through on the highway. 

“Sulphur Springs is a major freight corridor,” Maxwell pointed out. “From Dallas to Houston and even as far away as Los Angeles, freight passes through here. We’re the major corridor to the northeast.” 

Maxwell believes that this spate of new businesses are a prime example of the “steady, organic growth” Sulphur Springs has been experiencing over the past ten years. He believes the next ten years will hold even more growth, he said. 

“ We’re reasonable and we get permitting done quickly,” Maxwell noted. “It’s important to know that the city is supportive of retail business.”

By Taylor Nye. Pictures by Jay Julian and provided by businesses

Written By
Taylor Nye

Taylor Nye is the editor of Front Porch News. She has degrees from the University of Wisconsin in human biology, Latin American studies, and public health. She has previously worked at the Wisconsin State Journal, Tucson Weekly and Sulphur Springs News-Telegram. As a sixth generation Hopkins County resident, she loves celebrating our heritage and history.