by Taylor Nye

The Oaks Bed & Breakfast

Herb Infused Cocktail ~ Rosemary Orange Cooler

This month our herb infused cocktail features rum and rosemary for a light refreshing summer drink.  The process to make this drink takes a little more time, but is worth the wait in the end.  Rosemary is such a versatile herb that can be used in cooking, mixing drinks and aromatherapy.  

As an herb rosemary retains is fragrance even when dried. Which makes it the perfect complement to any grilled or cooked meat, or for a relaxing scent in the bath. In many Mediterranean cultures, rosemary is thought to bring luck to newlyweds, and baskets of the herb are offered to couples at their weddings. Rosemary is a fairly hearty herb and can usually withstand most cold weather.

We use it as a visual addition at the Bed and Breakfast along our guest parking, leading up to the garden area. When it blooms rosemary has a beautiful light purple flower. It’s a beautiful compliment to any garden space.

This cocktail, has a tasty and simple flavor but is a little complex in its creation. Caramelizing the orange slices, with the rosemary will make your home smell amazing for days after your party. Plus it has the added benefit of bringing a different flavor to your drink from simply using fresh slices of citrus. The added sweetness of caramelizing the oranges makes this drink perfect for summer.

Rosemary Orange Cooler

2 oz White Rum

6 sprigs of Rosemary

4 slices of orange or other citrus

1 tsp. Sugar

Slice your oranges into disks or quarters, depends on the look you are going for in a garnish. Dip your slices into the sugar, and add to a heated pan to caramelize for about two minutes. Add rosemary to the pan as well. Once done, add the orange slices to a shaker cup and muddle with a fresh sprig of rosemary. Add in the white rum, sugar and ice. Shake until the drink is cold. Pour the cup over a glass of fresh ice, and garnish with an orange slice and a fresh rosemary sprig.

We hope you like this drink and are able to make it at your next party. The above recipe is a single serving but you can make it in a larger batch for a bigger event. As always please drink responsibly and have a designated driver. Cheers!

Contributed by Allison Libby-Thesing

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQP8pNzNT5ml9CqehzJEqA

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