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CBS Austin to Air “Road Trippin'” Episode About Sulphur Springs On Tuesday




Chad’s Media has produced an episode of the the award winning travel show Road Trippin’ from CBS Austin about Sulphur Springs that will debut on Tuesday.

The show will air Tuesday morning at 9:00am and can be viewed LIVE at www.cbsaustin.com

Simply go to their website and click the WATCH LIVE button in the right corner of the home page. 

Chad Kopal of Chad’s Media said in a post, “For the better part of the last 3 years I have been capturing the beauty of Sulphur Springs . I started out doing it because I loved creating content and I loved showing off the people of our community. Little did I know that 3 years and 48+ terabytes later, my partner in this business, Logan Vaughan, would strike a deal with the CBS affiliate out of Austin to showcase our town. Logan worked his magic on the phones and over multiple zoom interviews to convince CBS Austin to feature our community on their upcoming “Road Trippin'” episode, set to air tomorrow in Austin, TX.

I am proud of the community I call home, and the people that make her beautiful. Thanks for letting me in your space and I hope that what you see from this hour long program makes you proud to say “I am from Sulphur Springs, Texas.”

You can watch this episode live at www.CBSAustin.com tomorrow morning (Tuesday April 20) at 9 am, or you can stay connected with us through our page tomorrow to find a link to see it in its entirety.”

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