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CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Sulphur Springs Statement on COVID-19 Preparedness




Statement from CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Sulphur Springs:

We continue to work in solidarity with our partners in the health care community, city and county leaders, and local health authorities to ensure our community is well prepared. Together, we stand united in our commitment to keep the people of East Texas safe.

At CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Sulphur Springs, we remain vigilant in responding to this evolving situation. We continue to follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines for healthcare facilitiesand are meeting throughout the day to ensure we are readyto respond to present and potential future needs of our communities.

We do have emergency preparedness plans in place and are fully prepared to execute as appropriate for our community circumstances. Those preparations include monitoring and evaluation of our capacity and requirements across our hospitals, including Emergency Departments, ICUs, laboratories, imaging centers and other treatment and testing areas. Our hospitals will continue to balance the needs of caring for patients with COVID-19 while providing vital services to others in the community who need care.

Though there have been no confirmed cases in the community, we suggest that everyone follow the CDC guidelines regarding prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases such as COVID-19 and the flu. The best things anyone can do to prevent the spread of illness are:

(1)        wash your hands well before eating, drinking or touching your face

(2)        get your annual flu shot and

(3)        get a pneumonia shot if you have not already and are above the age of 65 or have diabetes or other illnesses that affect your heart or lungs.


In addition, we advise anyone who may be ill with fever and cough or shortness of breath and have had travel to any region that has known community spread of COVID-19 or if you have any of the above symptoms and exposure to a person with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, call 1-800-458-4559 to be connected to our CHRISTUS COVID Hotline. For more information on COVID-19 and preventive measures, please visit www.CDC.gov.

CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Sulphur Springs remains a safe place for all to receive quality care. While COVID-19 is new, our processes and procedures in place for infection prevention and preventing the spread of illness are not. From physicians and nurses, quality and safety experts to those responsible for ordering supplies and keeping the hospital clean — all of our Associates are involved in making sure we provide a safe environment for our patients. Every single day.

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