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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for December 31st, 2019




Tuesday, December 31

Luke 2:52
And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

In many ways, the way Jesus grew up and developed as a person can be paralleled with the way His children should grow in their Salvation. Today’s scripture text says a lot in just a few words. Even though it’s understood that Jesus had to be raised and grow up, people don’t often consider what this would have entailed. Jesus, even though He was God, chose to become human. This meant that He would be subject to all the same fleshly limitations and circumstances that everyone else had. He was Salvation in a human body. Mary to had raise Salvation, He was her responsibility. Salvation had to be nurtured…He needed His diaper changed, and had to be burped and cared for like any other baby. Salvation had to be taught…He had to be shown how operate in the world. He had to learn how to read and write. Salvation had to grow…He had to be fed and allowed to run and play like any healthy child needed to. Salvation had to become strong…He had to mature into a man. In the same way that He grew up, you too must grow in your Salvation. Far too often people are born again and that is the extent of their Salvation experience. What if Jesus had never grown up? How would He have been able to become the Teacher, Miracle Worker, and Sacrifice that He needed to be in order to able to complete God’s redemptive plan? If Jesus, or Salvation had to grow and develop then how much more important is it for you to grow in your Salvation? Being born again is not only the end of your old way of life but the beginning of what should become a life experiencing a greater level of Salvation the longer you’re walking on this earth. Are you still experiencing Salvation in new and exciting ways? Or do you feel stuck and unenthusiastic about your life as a believer? Wherever you find yourself, one thing is for certain. You are not finished growing yet. Continue to seek Him in such a way that your Salvation experience continues to flourish and thrive. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff


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