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Emily’s Post: Etiquette Advice Column from Etiquette by Emily for August 23rd, 2019




Question: We recently finished building a new house that has a designated guest suite. What all would you suggest that we supply for anyone staying over? Also, most of our friends have young kids, so we’re also making this to where kids can nap when their parents are over. Thank you!

Answer: Congratulations on your new home! I would suggest treating at least the bathroom portion like a hotel. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash would be at the top of the list. For cleanliness and less waste, look for bottles that have a pump or small, travel-size bottles. If you want to amp it up, you could also add a stash of travel-size toothpaste, individually-wrapped toothbrushes, a travel-size deodorant and disposable razor. This is completely customizable to you. Since you mention having kids over there often, maybe a box of wipes would be good to have. I would allot for a minimum of four body towels, two hand towels and four rags. A list of helpful information, such as wireless password for internet, is also helpful for guests.

Question: We were recently brought some food by friends from church after the birth of our second baby. It was so thoughtful of them to bring it! It’s been about two months, though, and I still haven’t sent a thank you note. Is it too late to send it?

Answer: It’s never too late to send a thank you note! Despite what you’ll read in most etiquette books about timing of thank you notes, I’m a firm believer in saying thank you. While it’s best practice to send a thank you note immediately, it is certainly understandable that life happens, especially in the case of a birth of a baby or during a grieving period. Go ahead and send the note. I guarantee they’ll appreciate that you did.

Emily Glass started offering etiquette courses in 2015 after having a blog for a few years prior. She teaches Southern etiquette, and her goal is to help simplify etiquette to where it is easily understood, as she believes etiquette helps you feel comfortable in any situation. Classes are offered every fall and spring for students of all ages, including business etiquette courses. Email etiquettebyemily@gmail.com to get all of your etiquette questions answered! Etiquette isn’t for the elite; etiquette is for everyone.




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