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List of Hurricane Harvey Donation Drives Around Sulphur Springs

List of Hurricane Harvey Donation Drives Around Sulphur Springs
  • PublishedAugust 29, 2017

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List of Hurricane Harvey Donation Drives Around Sulphur Springs:
1) There will be a Fill The Street event from 5-9pm Friday on Davis Street between Caps & Flasks and Muddy Jakes. Water, canned goods, diapers, toiletries, etc.
2) Salvation Army (Hopkins County Unit) is partnering with Trinity Harvest Church of God to help with IMMEDIATE needs for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. They will accept donations at Trinity Harvest Church of God, Tuesday through Friday from 9-3 with the exception of Wednesday, we will extend the hours of accepting donations till 8:30 that night. No clothes. They will be taking the following donations: Water, Cleaning Supplies: bleach, Lysol wipes, soap, etc…,Disposable Gloves,Trash Bags,Hand Santizer, Towels, Wash clothes, Laundry Detergent
Shovels, Medium to large plastic storage containers, Paper towels, Toliet paper, Mops.Monetary Donations are accepted..please make check payable to Salvation Army and specify Hurricane Harvey.
3) Pick Up And Go Moving is working to get a trailer full of donations to deliver on Saturday. They could really use some help! Contact them for info.
4) If you’re interested in making donations for animals and pets contact Cathy Newsome Singleton. She’ll get you pointed in the right direction.
5) Davis Street Baptist is sending a trailer with donations next week.
6) Mattress Heaven is foregoing their ad campaign for Labor Day and instead offering that for every single sale they will donate 25% of the profit in purchasing bottled water, beans and rice and twin size beds that we will drive down in the company box truck to deliver personally to shelters housing anyone without a place to stay. If you would like to purchase a twin size mattress to send down with them, they will be offering it at cost and they will be working with vendors to lower that cost as well. They are located next to Jack in the Box.
7) Snap Fitness – Sulphur Springs TX has been contacted by a classmate who lives in Houston and thankfully she is safe and working to help in relief to those in need! She will be traveling to Sulphur Springs this weekend and they are coordinating donations specific to her request for needed items! Needs we are targeting:baby wipes,bath wipes
Travel sizes of the following:•shampoo•conditioner•soap•body wash•toothbrushes•toothpaste•hand sanitizer•razors-Kids coloring/activity books-crayons-socks-wash cloths-zip lock bags (gallon size) 400 Gilmer St, Sulphur Springs
8) Sue Cameron is organizing donations for Alex Luco. SSHS class of 2010, and Sulphur Springs, Alex Luco has lost everything to Harvey! He has recently married has 2 boys and a wife pregnant with twins! I am trying to help them get stuff together to start over. Anything you could do to help would be more than appreciated!! The boys are size 2T and 3T. Obviously they can use everything if you can help please drop off at Jennifer’s house 1320 Rockdale Road!! Thank you in advance for helping this sweet family!



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