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Wood County Junior Livestock Show April 13th-15th




From reader Alicia Banks Moore:

“Tomorrow is the start of the 2017 Wood County Junior Livestock Show. For some kids, it’s the end to months and months of hard work, sweat and tears with their projects. The work and dedication is there, whether the kid trained and Animal and now has to part with it or built the project that was once just a thought in the back of their mind. The decision of the Judge will be sweet for some and total devastation and disappointment for others. Where can the adults help? Showing the kids, by attending the show and buying projects that their hard work mattered. This simple gesture can help keep kids out of trouble and involved in great organizations like 4-H and FFA. A high placing from the Judge is nice, but community support and encouragement is worth so much more! Teach children to love animals and building and you are teaching them to use their money and time wisely. The sale is Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Jack Cross Pavilion!”



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