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2017 Bobby McDonald County 4-H Round-up Contests




The 2017 Bobby McDonald County 4-H Round-up Contests took place on Tuesday, February 28 and Thursday, March 2 at Cedar Canyon.  These contests were the preliminary events for district competition.

  • Food Show:

–          Junior – Ethan George, Protein

–          Intermediate – Jorja Bessonett, Protein; Jacob George, Grains

–          Senior – Aleigh Bessonett, Protein

  • Fashion Show:

–          Junior – Ethan George, buying specialty; Zia Miller, Everyday Living construction

–          Intermediate – Elida Miller, semi-formal construction; Jorja Bessonett, Everyday Living construction; Jacob George, Refashion construction

–          Senior – Aleigh Bessonett, Everyday Living Construction

  • Public Speaking:

–          Junior – Diego Childs

–          Intermediate – Elida Miller

  • Educational Presentations:

–          Junior – Christian Ebel, Open Ag; Zia Miller, Safety & Accident Prevention; Valerie Flecker, Promote 4-H; Judah VanRijn, Beef; Blaine Allen, Open; Kennadi Erwin, Health; Ethan George, Beef

–          Intermediate – Honesty Bridges, Health; Savannah Allen, Beef; Eric Bridges, Open Ag; Braden Lennon, Open FCS; Maddie Holt, Promote 4-H; Trinity Sickles, Open

–          Senior: Cade Goldsmith, Beef

  • Share-the-Fun Talent:

–          Junior: Christian Ebel, poetry

–          Intermediate: Kiara Stowater, vocal


District 4-H Contests will be held on March 31 and April 1 at North Central Texas College in Gainesville.  We wish the best for these fine 4-H members!



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