Home Local News Manhunt in Sulphur Bluff Ends. Wanted Man Still At-Large.

Manhunt in Sulphur Bluff Ends. Wanted Man Still At-Large.



The manhunt for 36 year old John Maxwell of Paris has ended. Maxwell was pulled over in Sulphur Bluff this morning at 7:55 am. He began acting nervous and the Hopkins County Deputy called for backup. Then as an officer began to approach the female passenger Maxwell fled on foot into a wooded area. It was discovered that Maxwell was wanted on multiple warrants after law enforcement was given his correct identifying information.



Hopkins County law enforcement used their own drones and dogs to attempt to locate the fugitive and were later joined by a DPS helicopter and TDC dogs from Bonham. TDC officers believe their dogs found a good trail and tracked him to FM 71 west of the Sulphur Bluff water tower where they believe he entered an unknown vehicle. The helicopter and dogs have cleared the scene. Officers don’t believe that Maxwell is still in the area and encourage you to go back to your normal routine while familiarizing yourself with his picture.


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