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Introducing Ourselves




I know there’s been a lot of interest about who has taken over Front Porch News, and we’re finally ready to let the cat out of the bag. I wanted to do at least a little work before I took any credit. My name is Blake Weir and my wife, Kayla, and I purchased Front Porch News from Bobby’s family. We are very grateful that his family entrusted the good name of Front Porch News with us.

I’ll tell you about Kayla first, since she’s twice as impressive as I am. Kayla is currently an English teacher at Sulphur Springs High School. She’s a graduate of Sulphur Springs High School and she received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Texas A&M-Commerce. Some of you may know her parents, David and Donita Morgan. Kayla will mostly be hands-off with Front Porch News as she’s currently finishing her second Master’s degree, is acting Chapter Advisor for her sorority at Texas A&M-Commerce, and a UIL coach, along with being the best mom in the world to a beautiful 5 year old daughter.

I’m also a graduate of Sulphur Springs High School. I was born and raised in Sulphur Springs. Some of our older readers may remember when an area around Birthright was called Weirville; that’s my family. I’m the son of Johnny Weir and Joe & Kerry Suggs. Some of you may also know my brother, Colby Suggs. I followed in the footsteps of Texas greats like George Strait and Lyndon Baines Johnson and attended Texas State University, where I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications.

But that’s enough about us. We’re here to talk about Hopkins County and all of the wonderful events, organizations, and people that make it the greatest county in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. We know we’re going to do Front Porch News a little different but it’s still going to have the same heart.

Thanks for taking the time,

Blake and Kayla

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