Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Oklahoma Man for Arranging Transport of Teenage Hopkins County Female Runaway to Oklahoma

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From Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office:

In Mid-November Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a runaway/missing child from Hopkins County. We began an investigation into the whereabouts of the child.  Deputy Patterson began at the time of call locating people that may have information and interviewing each person he could locate. Deputy Patterson uncovered information from people he spoke to that the child is likely in South Eastern Oklahoma.

Deputy Patterson Contacted Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division to assist with the investigation. Deputy Patterson and Investigators began a broader search for the child and began to work with Officials in southeast Oklahoma. Officials of the local police department and Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma assisted with making contact and searching houses associated with the minor.  However, initial locations did not lead to locating the minor.



Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office developed several suspects and involved persons, we then began to monitor these individuals. Eventually information was obtained of an exact location of the minor and the information was relayed to Oklahoma Officials. This information lead Oklahoma officials to the location of the child.

Additional interviews and review of the evidence in this case revealed that Raymond Larry communicated with the child and arranged her transport to his location in Oklahoma. Information was found of acts that occurred outside of the State of Texas, due to these acts Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office is pursuing charges of Human Trafficking for the transportation of a minor out of Hopkins County for these specific acts. Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with Oklahoma Officials and will forward any evidence to them if they desire to pursue charges for acts that occurred in their jurisdiction.