YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: A conversation about food Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

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Let’s talk food, Texas.

Many of us are very fortunate. The store shelves are full. Choices are abundant, and eye-catching labels entice us to grab items without feeling guilty.

But actual market transparency would have different labels.

Because buying organic doesn’t mean you’re buying from local family farms. And purchasing non-organic doesn’t mean you’re buying from a large corporate farm.

Food labels should be accurate and helpful, not misleading and deceptive.

Maybe we need labels that read “The Internet Says It’s Better.” Or how about “Celebrity Says So.” Even “Costs More. Impress Your Friends.” would be another label.

If we have the ability to care that much about our food, then why not invest a little more time into learning about it from a trusted expert source—like farmers and ranchers?

In the meantime, remember that labels aren’t always what they seem. It’s often marketing and political hype. Don’t be misled.

Article by Gary Joiner TFB Radio Network Manager



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