Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office Searching for Jimmy Kilgore in Connection with Friday Murder in North Hopkins

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Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office is searching for Jimmy Kilgore for questioning in connection with a murder that occurred in Northern Hopkins County yesterday. The victim is a mid-30’s North Hopkins male.

Evidence on the scene has led investigators to believe the shooting was an apparent homicide and that the weapon used was a handgun. HSCO is waiting on family to be notified before releasing the name of the victim.


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Kilgore left his wallet, keys, and other possessions at his residence before fleeing. HSCO believes Kilgore may have harmed himself and be deceased on rural property but they have been unable to locate him. He left his residence with only a handgun, his dog, and a bicycle. However, HSCO continues to search for him and are exploring all possibilities.

A helicopter and drones were put into service overnight in an attempt to locate Kilgore. The US Marshals have been contacted and they are monitoring Kilgore’s finances in case he is at-large.

Kilgore is also wanted on a previous warrant for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

HSCO asks anyone that sees Kilgore or his dog(pictured below) to contact law enforcement. Texas Rangers are assisting HSCO in the investigation.

Recent pictures of Kilgore and his dog are below.





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