Ramsay Announces Intention to Run for Third Term as District Attorney, 8th Judicial District

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Will Ramsay has announced that he will seek re-election as the District Attorney of the 8th Judicial District.  Ramsay, a Republican, has held the post since he took the oath of office on January 1, 2013.

The 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office serves Delta, Franklin and Hopkins counties.

Ramsay says, “Being entrusted, over the last two terms, to serve the people of these three counties as District Attorney is one of the great blessings of my life.  We have worked diligently to serve and protect the peaceful and law-abiding citizens of the 8th Judicial District.  Our goal has always been to ensure that the dangerous people are removed from our communities so that these counties can continue to be places where folks desire to live and raise their families.I believe, through hard work and persistence, we are accomplishing this objective. By maintaining solid relationships with law enforcement and working collectively with District Judge Eddie Northcutt, we are able to efficiently resolve cases and timely achieve justice for victims.”

“I have been blessed with an amazing staff.  We desire to operate the most efficient and integrity-driven DA’s office in the State of Texas. I hope to continue to build public trust by executing the duties of this office in a manner worthy of the people I represent.”


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