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Life’s Flavors ~ Jill Dutton Endorsed by HCLEA By Allison Libby-Thesing

Life’s Flavors ~ Jill Dutton Endorsed by HCLEA By Allison Libby-Thesing
  • PublishedDecember 21, 2023

The Texas House race is headed to a runoff election this season, between Jill Dutton and Brent Money.This week we hosted House hopeful Jill Dutton in a meet and greet, sponsored by Craig and Chaney Johnson. The runoff election is on January 30, with early voting starting on January 22-26, 2024.

An important endorsement was announced at the meet and greet by the Hopkins County Law Enforcement Association, who now endorses Jill Dutton. This is an important endorsement for her from Hopkins County which bolsters her local endorsements even more. To see a full list please visit her campaign website.

Jill Dutton grew up in the Dallas area and moved to Van Zandt County where she and her husband and three children live, andt hey are owners of a construction firm. Dutton first picked up the desire to run for public office when she ran for a school board position. Once elected she served in that position for 10 years. Her other election and political experience have been through supporting roles, helping other people in their successful election bids.

Her priorities are to represent Hopkins, Van Zandt, and Hunt counties, as a listening ear, and bringing resources back to our counties with better local control. She also wants to help bring money back to local cities for capital improvements. Dutton feels that our schools need more support and wants to remove the STAAR test, with a better system of accountability for future and present students. She also supports Governor Abbott regarding securing our boarders, along with many other issues that area residents are also passionate about.

Dutton wants to remind voters that early voting starts on January 22-26, for the runoff election set forJanuary 30. Once the seat is filled the next round of campaigning for voting begins, for the primary March 5 election. She stated “We need prayers and people turning out to vote and making donations. It takes money to beat Money.”

To register to vote please click on the following link, so that your voice can be heard in this election and any other future elections. Register to vote today.

By Allison Libby-Thesing 

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