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The Christmas Tree Debate By Addison Caddell

The Christmas Tree Debate By Addison Caddell
  • PublishedNovember 16, 2023


To decorate or not to decorate? This question brings up the ultimate debate of whether it is right to put up Christmas decorations before or after Thanksgiving. Some people even put their trees up as soon as Halloween is over.

Now, is this the right or wrong thing to do? Some experts say that decorating early can increase happiness and friendliness while capturing the Christmas cheer early. However, 55.5% of people still put their tree up the day after Thanksgiving which is the traditional practice.

Many reasons contribute to early decorating for Christmas. For example, Walmart begins advertising and flipping the store to Christmas as early as October 28th every year. Which is fifteen days earlier than it was in the 2000’s. This causes consumers to buy decorations earlier than normal.

But the debate remains of whether it is right to decorate early while Thanksgiving is still a well-loved holiday. Turkey Day is often overlooked by the looming Christmas season and decorating early only fast tracks to the busiest time of year in December.

So, decorating early or not, Thanksgiving is a day to slow down and enjoy community with your loved ones and friends. After you are stuffed with multiple plates of food, work off your food the next day by decorating for Christmas or for those who decorate early… you are wrong!

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