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Mother’s Culture Club Introduces New Members and Elects Officers



Mother’s culture club members Left to Right(front row) Brittany Hicks, Kaley Cody, Kali Cox, Carley Hunt, Megan Tingle, Whitney Grand-lienard, Jessica Alexander, Angela France, Tristan Gant, Dara Crawford, Liz Charlton, Hazel Fielder Left to Right(back row) Kylie Smith, Kacie Crowson, Michelle Stroud, Kaley Williams, Dani Cooksey, Chelsea DeLorge, Courtney Brown, Cammie McGraw, Christi Sherwood, Mallory Denton, Sarah Tull, Lyndi Howell (Not pictured) Kati Adair, Jordan Cruz, Sissy Gortmaker, Jessica Kultgen, Jacy Martin, Maegan Nix, Leslie Northcutt, Lauren O’Bryant


Mother’s Culture Club has introduced their new 2020-2021 members and selected their new class of officers.



New members picture above left to right are Brittany Hicks, Kaley Cody, Carley Hunt, Megan Tingle, Kaley Williams, Chelsea DeLorge, Courtney Brown, Jessica Alexander, Angela France, Dara Crawford, Sarah Tull, and Liz Charlton. Not pictured are Jady Martin and Lauren O’Bryant.



MCC Officers pictured above are President Whitney Grand-Lienard, Secretary Dani Cooksey, Reporter Tristan Gant, Historian Kali Cox, Parliamentarian Hazel Fielder, Hospitality Kacie Crowson, and Chaplain Cammie Mcgraw. Not pictured are Vice President Leslie Northcutt, Rreasurer Jessica Kultgen, Ambassador Kati Adair.

Mother’s Culture Club was established in Hopkins County in 1929 for the mutual improvement of our children, ourselves, and our homes.

Fundraisers have included bake sales, golf tournaments, charity auctions, father-daughter dance, cook book sales, Four Square tournament, and other events.

Funds raised are donated each year to local Hopkins County children in need and child-related charities. Mother’s Culture Club meets the first and third Thursdays during the school year. Membership is limited to 35 mothers residing in Hopkins County who have preschool age children.

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