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Photos from SSHS’ Virtual Graduation Cermony by Mandy Fiock Photography

Photos from SSHS’ Virtual Graduation Cermony by Mandy Fiock Photography
  • PublishedMay 18, 2020

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Mandy Fiock Photography went behind the curtain with Chad’s Media and Sulphur Springs ISD to check out the virtual graduation ceremony they’re putting together for graduating seniors. The SSHS Graduation ceremony will premier Friday, May 22, at 8pm in several places including a Watch Party on our page, Chad’s Media Facebook and SSISD’s Facebook and Website
The experience touched Mandy’s heart and she asked us to share the message below:

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When the unexpected happens in Sulphur Springs, TX, you can count on this community to come together. When COVID hit our community and schools began to shut down, many were immediately concerned and saddened for the Senior class of 2020. Sulphur Springs ISD, Chad’s Media, and Mike Laeding did not disappoint in making sure these successful young adults were celebrated as they are ushered into the next chapter of their lives.

This year’s graduation is bittersweet. Many graduates had to pick and choose who would attend their graduation due to graduation becoming a private affair, having to limit the number of family and friends to 15 people—leaving out many of the people they hold dear. Graduates were unable to share these moments with the peers they have done almost everything with for the majority of their lives. It meant not being able to hug, cry, celebrate and say goodbye the way each of them had envisioned or needed.

However, where there was sorrow, there was also joy. The joy of sitting right up front as your son or daughter walked across the stage. Being able to cheer as loud and as long as you wanted without cutting into another’s moment. In those moments, each graduate entered the back of the auditorium and walked to the front with the feelings of pride and accomplishment, thinking, “This is MY time.” Ten minutes was set aside for each individual to take it in and remind themselves, “I did this. I made it to graduation and I accomplished greatness.” Each graduate knew what it is like to have all eyes on them, having every cheer screamed for them, and knowing the hope of tomorrow that filled the room was for them.

Class of 2020, you have learned over and over that life doesn’t always happen as you would expect. You have learned quickly that it’s not always about you and that anything can be taken away in an instance. May your journey into adulthood be full of joy and laughter, but when it is hard and unbearable, may you be reminded to find the beauty in the ashes and know that you are stronger than you think. Congratulations, Class of 2020. Front Porch News and Sulphur Springs, TX, your home, celebrate you!!!

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