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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for March 5th, 2019



Tuesday, March 5th

John 2:11

This, the first of his signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and manifested his glory. And his disciples believed in him.

Have you ever wondered why John referred to Jesus’ turning water into wine as sign, and not a miracle?  Jesus performed countless miracles during His three year ministry here on the Earth.  Before you dismiss it as simple wording or expression, understand that God doesn’t do anything without purpose or planning.  The fact that John called this a sign means that there was more to it than Jesus simply acting out of love to bless someone who was in a tough spot.  While a miracle is just that, a sign will involve the miraculous but point something greater.  Just like a road sign, a sign from God is meant to give you direction and guide you to a new place in your Christian walk.  For instance, Jesus turning the water into wine at a wedding was a picture of the redemptive work that He had come from Heaven to fulfill.  Your Heavenly Father, when He does something supernatural on your behalf, isn’t just trying to show off.  He is wanting to set a precedent in your life that will bring you into a new place in Him.  The next time you experience Him do something amazing on your behalf, rather than just being grateful and enjoying the breakthrough, ask Him what He’s trying to reveal to you. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff






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