YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: National Ag Day is a celebration of diversity Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

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To some, agriculture is a way of life. Growing crops, livestock and families. Years of hard work, passion and dedication to the land and lifestyle.

To others, it’s reliable food on grocery store shelves, the clothes in their closets or the fuel in their vehicles.

It can be a career—transporting products, food safety, marketing and more. After all, one in seven Texans has a job related to agriculture.

Young or old. Conventional or organic. Dryland or irrigated. Agriculture is a celebration of abundance.

The goals never change—leave the land in better condition for the future. Teach and inspire another generation, continue the legacy of sustainable agriculture and enjoy a nutritious meal with loved ones.

This week, we recognize agriculture across the nation during National Agriculture Week. It’s a time to celebrate the food on your plate and those who grow it. Because agriculture is part of us all.


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