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Kiwanis Club Builds Two Ramps

Kiwanis Club Builds Two Ramps
  • PublishedNovember 9, 2023

The Local Sulphur Springs Kiwanis Club has been working hard to complete ramps that are in their current pipeline before the end of the year. With help from the Lion’s Club and League Street Church of Christ members, the groups pulled together to complete two ramps last week. Both projects were submitted through theTexas Ramps Project, for completion and sent over to the Kiwanis Club for implementation.

Texas Ramps Project requires inquiries to go through a medical or social service provider as a referral. The Ramps Project then sends the request out to the area in which the home is located and the service organization in that area or volunteers then complete the ramp when time allows.

Each ramp that is built in our area and many others provides residents the ability to leave their home when needed. In many cases residents have not been able to leave their home for an extended period of time. Without the means to build their own ramp or support from other family members, residents can become homebound, unable to attend medical appointments, see friends and family and generally become isolated from society. A new ramp gives freedom to those in need and can even extend the life of those affected.

For some a ramp is their only means of being able to leave their house, while others it is a temporary measure needed during recovery from an illness, injury, or surgery. The Kiwanis Club wants to be able to help everyone in need, so please be sure to send requests to the Texas Ramp Project through your service provider. Once the request has been received and forwarded, our team will join together and make the build.

The Kiwanis Club is always looking for more volunteers to help build the ramps and serve our community. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please reach out to any Kiwanis member to learn more and find out when our next ramp build will be taking place.

By: Allison Libby-Thesing

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