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Life’s Flavors: Top Ten Texas Fall Festivals By Allison Libby-Thesing Of The Oak’s Bed & Breakfast

Life’s Flavors: Top Ten Texas Fall Festivals By Allison Libby-Thesing Of The Oak’s Bed & Breakfast
  • PublishedSeptember 14, 2023

Top 10 Must Attend Festivals in Texas for October

October in Texas can be a wonderful time of the year.  The temperature is starting to decrease, so those outside activities are no longer blistering.  People want to get out and explore the areas around the State.  Here are our top ten festivals you won’t want to miss out on.

  1. The State Fair of Texas – September 29 – October 22
    The State Fair of Texas is an almost month-long extravaganza of food, animals, rides and so much more.  All fair goers can experience the best fried foods in Texas at this event and explore new, amazing food combinations that will leave no one hungry.  Don’t forget about the Red River Shootout between The University of Texas and Oklahoma University, on October 8th, at Cotton Bowl Stadium. There is so much to do and see at the State Fair that you will want to plan for more than one day. For bed and breakfast lodging check out The Gaston.

  2. The Texas Renaissance Festival – October 7 – November 26 (weekends only)

    The Texas Ren fest is a long-standing Texas tradition that is open every weekend starting on October 7th for food, entertainment, and so much more.  Step back in time to experience the Middle Ages with Knights, Kings, Queens and jesters.  Explore the fair grounds and eat the food of the realm, while you take in a show or just watch the people.  The Texas Ren fest is bound to have something for the whole family to enjoy.  Come as you are or dress in a period costume or fit the weekend theme. Look for accommodations at a local campground or Log Cabin B n B, Hodge Podge Lodge, or Maple Creek bed and breakfast. 

    3. Screams – September 29 – October 28 (weekends and nights only)

    Screams is a great time to explore the ultimate Halloween experience.  If you like to live on the wild side and don’t mind having the life scared out of you, this is the place to do it.  Food and drinks are available for when you are not exploring the haunted houses or watching a show.   For your bed and breakfast stay, check out English Merchants Inn, Chaska House bed and breakfast, or Winding Ridge bed and breakfast. 

    4. Dallas Arboretum – September 16 – November 5

    Autumn at the Arboretum is a beautiful sight to experience.  The Arboretum transforms into a fall paradise with pumpkin and gourd displays all based around this year’s theme “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.”  Bring the whole family to experience this transformation and explore some popular fairy tales as they come alive with fall colors.

    5. Floydad Punkin’ Days – October 8

    Come experience the Pumpkin Capital of Texas in style at their annual Punkin’ Days festival.  Held the second weekend of October there is fun for the whole family.  With pie eating contests, costume contests and so much more.  Don’t forget about the pumpkins. Be sure to check out Hotel Matador, Slanton Harvey House, or the Woodrow House for local accommodation for the festival.    

    6. Hopkins County Stew festival – October 21

    The annual Hopkins County Stew festival brings together over 175 cooks to Buford Park in Sulphur Springs, to see who can cook up the best pot of Hopkins County stew.  The cooks are up at 3 am starting their pots so you can enjoy some stew when they open for serving at 10 am.  This is one of the best priced food festivals in the State of Texas, $7 gets you a bowl and an unlimited amount of stew.  Eat until you can’t eat any more or until the stew pots run dry. Check out The Oak Bed and Breakfast or the Oaklea Mansion for accommodations.

    7. Cuero Turekyfest – October 12 – 15

    The Cuero Turkeyfest will be celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year, and it’s bound to be a big one.  The weekend will be full of family fun activities, turkey races, concerts and food contests.  Join in this celebration of America’s Thanksgiving Dinner bird. For your bed and breakfast accommodations check out Broadway House Bed and Breakfast 

    8. Chappell Hill Scarecrow Festival – October 14-15

    Never underestimate the importance of a scarecrow to keep your crops safe. Chappell Hill has never taken them for granted and has even gone so far as to celebrate the Scarecrow with it’s own festival.  With food, exhibits, vendors and entertainment you can be sure that the whole family will enjoy this event.  Local accommodations can be found at Ant Street Inn,  Main Street House, and Ross Carroll Bennett House bed and breakfast.  

    9. Día de los Muertos – October 27 – November 2

    The day of the Dead is celebrated every year in San Antonio, Texas and has been touted at one of the best festivals by National Geographic.  This historical celebration of remembrance can experienced by everyone.  The Dia de los Muertos is filled with artisans, experiences and of course food and music.  Choose to stay at one of these local bed and breakfast locations; Arbor House, one of three Nobel Inns locations, or the Brackenridge House bed and breakfast.  

    10. Red Stegall Cowboy Gathering – October 27 – 29

    The Red Stegall Cowboy Gathering actually starts in Jacksboro, TX with a wagon train that leaves out a week before the festival in Fort Worth.  It arrives at the Stockyards and that’s when the local fun begins.  Show off your cowboy skills, or just enjoy watching those who have done it before.  There is fun for everyone in this classic Texas event.  Check out the Rosen House Inn or The Virginia May for your overnight accommodations. 

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