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NETBIO moves over 5,000 head during weekend

by Taylor Nye

Auctioneer Joe Don Pogue takes bids on a pen of pre-conditioned cattle sold at the September sale Friday. A total of 5,277 head went across the auction block.

The Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization (NETBIO) held its September cattle sale at the Sulphur Springs Livestock auction market Friday, selling 5,277 head of pre-conditioned calves and yearlings.

David Fowler, Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission co-owner and NETBIO board member, said, “It was a very good sale and the cattle looked good. We had a lot of activity from our Internet customer/buyers, selling nearly 700 head of cattle too online.”

A total of 229 producers (NETBIO members) sold cattle at the sale. Those cattle were purchased by 30 buyers and were destined for all parts of Texas and surrounding states.

All NETBIO auctions are broadcast on the Internet through the Internet connection LiveAuctions.TV. Internet buyers can contact the Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission office at 903-885-2455 for details. They should also register in advance in order to bid. For more information, visit their Web Site at www.sslivestockauctions.com.

Fowler noted the sales organization has begun palpating all heifer cattle 650 pounds and up to make sure they are not bred. “We just want to make sure all the cattle meet requirement”, he said.

He added that producers continue to do a great job of pre-conditioning their cattle for the sale. Buyers paid an average of $874.95 per head for all cattle sold at this sale.

The next NETBIO sale will be held at the Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission on Friday, October 15. Following that sale will be the big anniversary sales event to be held on Friday, November 19. All sales begin at 1 p.m.

The NETBIO Pre-Conditioned Stocker and Feeder Calf Sale gives its member-producers a market to offer their pre-conditioned calves and yearlings in load lot quantities. NETBIO holds eight pre-conditioned calf sales each year to accommodate the various weaning dates of its members.

“We make every effort to provide a marketing opportunity for producers who have pre-conditioned cattle ready to sell,” Fowler said. Just call the Livestock Auction office for detailed information about the program.

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