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Emily’s Post: Etiquette Advice Column from Etiquette by Emily for September 6th, 2019



Question: Good morning! I am hoping you can give a little guidance to us regarding my best friend’s upcoming baby shower. The shower is going to be on Sunday afternoon (a little over a month from now) from 2pm until 4pm. What will guests expect for food? Also, do we need to have party favors of any kind for the guests? Thank you in advance!

Emily’s Answer: There will be no guaranteed expectations beyond something sweet and something to drink. For that time of day, the most common foods would be a cake, nuts and some mints. Some people also elect to serve fruits/veggies or another “snacky” type food. The drink can be water infused with fruit, a classic sherbet punch, tea, etc. You have full control to put your personal spin on it! Favors for a shower are not typical, and usually they end up getting tossed, so I would opt against an unnecessary expense.

Question: If I’m taking a casserole to a new mom at church, what do I need to consider? Is it okay to take it in a foil pan or does that look cheap? Also, if I’m taking a salad, should I assume they have salad dressing at their home?

Emily’s Answer: No, a disposable pan does not look cheap! In fact, etiquette dictates that if you were to give her something in a dish that needs to be returned, she shouldn’t return it empty (though new moms and those newly bereaved are excused from this in my book), so she may be relieved to receive it in something she can toss. You can keep it as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Things like salad dressing do not have to be included, but, speaking from experience, it’s such a nice surprise when it is. Alternatively, you could get a salad kit that has a packet of dressing inside. If you have them on hand, tossing in a few disposable plates and cups is also a good idea. Those first days and weeks are exhausting enough without dishes!




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